Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Human Body

This month our class has been very focused on learning about our human bodies. I hope they have been coming home and sharing thier new learning with you. We began our study by learning about our skeletal system. Did you know that we have 206 bones in our body? We were lucky enough to have a special vistitor come and join our class to help us learn about our skeleton. Mrs. Bones was a wonderful guest. She helped us to understand what our bones help us do.

After learning about our skeleton we learned about our muscular system. We have 650 muscles in our body. We were excited to learn about our largest muscle, the gluteus maximus. If you are not sure what that is ask your child.

Next up came our digestive system. This led to some very interesting first grade conversations. Of course we had lots of stories to share along with a lot of ewwws! Ms. Feuerstack helped us to understand this system by wearing a very special suit.

Ater our digestive system we moved on to our circulatory and nervous systems.  This week we will wrap up our learning by learning how to keep healthy.

Don't forget you are all invited to come and help us make Q-tip skeletons on Friday, October 24th at 2:15. I hope to see  you there.
Below you will see some examples of last years skeletons.

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