Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Math Tubs

In math we have been busy working on numbers to 40. We have been using place value charts and base 10 materials to help us understand numbers. To help us use our best learning Ms. Feuerstack has started dividing our class in half for math groups. Half of our class works with Ms. Feuerstack on the carpet and SMART Board while the rest of our class works on Math Tubs. We love Math Tubs!  At our tubs we work with a partner on math games that help us review what we have already learned or help up improve our fact fluency. After 15-20 minutes we switch. The students working at math group move to their tub and the tub kids come to the carpet to work with Ms. Feuerstack. We go to one tub each day so that by Friday we have worked on each activity.

Students find their tub for the day on our Math Tubs pocket chart.

The tubs are found in plastic shoeboxes. The students grab their bin and find a spot in the classroom to work at their activity. All of the materials that they need are located inside. Many of our games involve dice or playing cards.

We have been working on using many strategies to help us solve math problems.
(Poster inspired by Abby at www.theinspiredapple.blogspot.com)