Monday, October 7, 2013

Label Your Teacher!

Wow! What a fun day we had. We began our new domain about our human body. We began science by creating a chart of what we already knew about our bodies. We knew a lot.

At writer's workshop we worked more on labeling our pictures. We began looking at an example of real life labeling from a Scholastic News. Then Ms. Feuerstack showed us an anchor chart about labeling.
After we looked at the example of labeling, Ms. Feuerstack had us label her. She looked very funny, but it helped us to understand what labels do.

After we labeled Ms. Feuerstack and had a good laugh, we got set up around the room to do some independent writing. We made sure that we labeled our illustrations.


Lost Jacket - We have had this jacket in our classroom for the last several days. No one wants to claim it. If it belongs to your child please remind them to bring it home.

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